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Pilot 2016


The Pilot is our entry point freeride sail. It has all the high-grade features you would expect to find on a GA sail. The simplified design ensures that anyone from a complete beginner and beyond will enjoy its effectiveness. The continued use of a mast-tolerant luff curve will allow you to rig the Pilot with a variety of masts, irrespective of different bend characteristics.
For 2016 we introduced the posi leech system to the Pilot to create better low-end acceleration and an improved sailing trim. We also added a new batten shape, adding profile curve to the front third of the rig. A new panel layout with fewer seams makes the sail stronger and lighter then before. Refined shaping techniques and luff curve together with the compact batten positioning and stabilised head configuration make the 2016 Pilot the perfect choice to jump onto a premium freeride product.