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NeilPryde RS:X Convertible 134L

On Sale Off RRP $2,770 2018 NeilPryde RS:X Convertible
Sales price $ 1500.00

The RS:X Convertible board has been developed to deliver ultimate performances in both operating modes – Foil Racing and Slalom. This uncompromising board features the latest technologies and materials available today in the high-end composites industry. Capable of taking off from as little as six knots of breeze, the RS:X Convertible board will also deliver explosive fin acceleration with amazing control. The next generation of racing boards.


- Full carbon PVC Sandwich construction using 100% Bi-axial unidirectional layers on bottom and C-Ply™ on deck and rails.
- Additional reinforcements on nose and fin box critical areas.
- Load transfer Carbon-Cross connecting the foil box, mass track and foot straps all together into very strong, torsion resistant structure.
- Deep Tuttle reinforced carbon box.