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2018 JP All Ride Pro

On Sale Off RRP $3,195 Size 116L x 1 Left In Stock
Sales price $ 2775.00


These two multipurpose, medium wind freemove shapes unite the advantages of the Freestyle Wave and Super Sport boards. They plane early, are comfortable to ride and really fast. But most of all they feel sporty as they deliver an electric feeling when cruising at high speed and carving hard.

Both shapes have been modernized and fine-tuned lately but still come in a traditional shape and outline concept (not widebody). As a consequence the boards feature all the virtues that a traditional shape has over those of the new modern widebody freeriders. They feel and ride very predictably as you know it from your previous freeride boards.

They are just faster because they have bottom shape features of the Super Sports. The long planing surface creates efficient lift delivering the sensational flying feeling when blasting along. The loose water position makes it easy for riders of all levels to exploit its outstanding performance.

Being narrower, the ride feels at all times comfortable and controllable cushioning chop competently.
Compared to the wide body freeride boards they carve jibes in an almost wavy style – here you can feel the similarities to their Freestyle Wave brothers. The slim, narrow tail width provides less lift and therefore initiating a jibe is very easy and smooth and if wanted you can turn very tight. Compared to the new generation wide body boards you will need to be a bit more advanced to keep your full speed through the whole jibe.

>> These sporty all-rounders are the embodiment of pure freeriding. It is an absolute pleasure to ride them in flat water and chop as they combine a great speed potential with control and comfort. They will encourage you to push your jibes and also to carve lines in some open ocean swells.

Plug and play windsurfing – jump on and have fun.

116-II 242
116 7.1
Ride 36 [G10] PB ideal: 5.5-7.5
rec.: 5.2-7.7